On Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. we have a special program called "The Pioneer Club." Itís for all children ages two through twelve. The children are divided up into small groups according to their ages.

We have Biblical lessons teaching and encouraging the children to follow Christís example. We live in a world where our children need to hear more about morality and living for Christ. Our goal is to teach, lead, and build our children up through hearing the Word of God and the Truth that is found in Jesus Christ.



  We encourage the children to invite their friends to come learn about God in fun, and interesting classes. We have volunteers who drive our church bus to pick up children in the community whose parents donít come. We hope that these young lives are touched with a hope they may never have known before by learning about our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is also our hope that the childrenís enthusiasm for Christ will flow out into their homes and their friendsí homes and that our Church will become a light in our community.

The Pioneer Club is a fitting name. Pioneers lead the way. They prepare, establish, and initiate. All Christians should be Pioneers for Christ! Please pray for this program and if you have children, or know children, ages two through twelve, we hope to see them this Wednesday evening!

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